Extreme conditions

In urban (or larger region) water networks, the backbone pipelines are connected to the distribution pipelines via distribution networks (pressure reducer, flowmeter). The branches of the backbone line to the distribution networks pass through a high-flow water meter (area meter) in a one-manhole. Extreme conditions (dripping water, underwater operation, weather - dependent flooded manhole, etc.)
There are 6 prototypes. a different operating site (underground measuring shaft) was selected in the operating area of ZALAVIZ Zrt., which simulated all possible states. Selected Area Mines are as follows:

Groundwater shaft measuring 1 settlement: It measures the settlement of Zalakoppány
Groundwater reinforced concrete shaft measuring 2 settlements: Páka, Kossuth u. Before number 1 / Measures settlements in Pördefölde and Kányavár /
Mine on busy main road, flooded depending on weather, measures 1 settlement: Zalabaksa Town Road 86
Continuous groundwater shaft measuring 3 settlements (generally the meter is also submerged): at main road 86 in front of the Kálócfa booster
Dry reinforced concrete shaft measuring 1 settlement: at the end of Nemessándorháza settlement and measuring Kisbucsa settlement


image003Groundwater shaft measuring 2 settlements: after Csömödér settlement / Kissziget and Ortaháza surveys /


 image007 Groundwater shaft measuring 1 settlement



Groundwater shaft measuring 2 settlement



 3 települést mérő talajvizes akna



image017Groundwater shaft measuring 2 settlements, communicator placed on the surface due to the thick concrete layer


 image017Dry reinforced concrete shaft measuring 1 settlement


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