Tubing system

Water supply includes the following activities (supply chain):




The WSS remote monitoring solution captures the state of the inlet from the point of arrival of the purified water to the main pressure pipe through the distribution network.There is a difference between the amount of water produced and supplied and the loss of water. Some of the water loss is due to unlicensed reception, and most of it occurs in the form of pipe breakage, measurement loss, leakage, or network loss.


Nowadays, the so-called water supply system is the so-called. Most commonly implemented smart metering data transfer solution, the "webSCADA process control system"WebSCADA directly interrogates the relevant technology units (eg booster, water towers, water reservoirs, pumping stations) and communicates via a PBX. Communication can be via UHF, cable and GPRS. Apparently, webSCADA was developed primarily for process control.The so-called. In the "water distribution" phase, when water from the main line without mechanical power is supplied to the consumers in the area by mechanical metering water meters operating under extreme operating conditions (dripping water, underwater operation, etc.), remote monitoring is not solved.




The construction of electronic monitoring systems is generally greatly hampered by the lack of power supply to underground measuring shafts, which in many cases is difficult or impracticable given the location of the measuring shafts away from the power grid. The situation is further complicated by the fact that the meters often operate under extreme operating conditions (dripping water, underwater operation, etc.). WSS remote monitoring provides the solution.

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